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For those that need it...

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

We have published this on behalf of a person that we have been supporting upon their request and as part of their recovery journey. It is their words, their thoughts - but it may resonate literally as well as perhaps on a wider level.

If you read this, please do comment either on here or on our main Twitter page and let the individual know they are not alone.

The Hand

I’m stood here – cold – numb

What has happened?

I was just talking about weekend plans

Now I hold The Hand

The bloodied Hand

The Hand that reached out to mine as the light died in its owner’s eyes

The dampened light that will extend to your family

Another needless tragedy

One that I committed

One for which I am to blame

I feel nothing but shame

Shame for the life that I couldn’t save

The foreboding door before me

Behind, the family of The Hand I couldn’t save

How do I explain?

He has gone?

Not survived?

Died …

I hold the Office for which I signed

Back in the day, on the dotted line

“The public are the Police” and conversely

So I let you down and my colleagues universally

For ‘what I want’ and ‘what I can’

Are two different things in this life I span

Of holding the line, to serve and protect

Its each one of you I neglect

The child I cannot shield from the world of hurt

To the woman violated because of the size of her skirt

Your house invaded – me, you will not see

Burglary is no longer a priority

So I am to blame for your hurt and pain

When I cannot protect you from the rain

Of a society which devalues your strife

And places your burden in my hands like a knife

And why can’t I do the things for you

That you need me to?

Because I’m stood here for all to see

The blood on My Hands that belongs to thee

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